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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

First Time "Facial Services" Experience

I ain't vain and have never been so vain about myself.Though I guess I have complete make-ups and accessories but I don't usually use them. It was really the first time  I ever allowed somebody to invade my face this deep. When I was in the city where a lot of beauty salons are scattered around and almost every corner, I haven't been tempted to go for something like this. Only the "Tropang Utot" did encourage me so far.

With the intention to belong(as I don't wanna left outside just waiting) and with sense of curiosity I tried the "facial cleaning with laser and vacuum plus whitening soft mask". I even felt so excited about it when we entered the room. Expecting to be really pampered, the procedure began. I will share with you the process as I've experienced it (hope I remember them so well).

Let's Face It, I am not beautiful to be your model but I have to show my pictures.

 Photo taken before the service was rendered.

I - Cleansing and Applying Cream
  The feeling was great as the cleansing happens. It's as if cleaning your face of a cotton ball with your won facial cleanser applied with a cream that's so cold which refreshes your face.
  See the cream? Sorry I haven't got the guts to ask what kind of cream was that.

II - Steaming
Putting hairnet back prior to steaming

After some series of scrubbing, brushing and etc (I haven't noticed all the deeds as my eyes were closed most of the time) the beautician (is it the proper term to use?) put me under the steaming machine for I think 5mins or so. 

III - Pricking
 This was the most unforgettable stage of all. It hurts a  lot. I can't help myself but to keep my breath on this. With lips bitten my tears fell down to my cheeks going to my ears. Good thing she put cottons in each. It is as if hundreds of tiny pinches being done to my face with full concentration on my nose that really made me cry. Huhuhu! It wasn't pampering anymore.
I still manage to smile despite the pain

IV - Putting on the Whitening Soft Mask (Hoping this really whiten my face. Hehe! )
After the the throbbing step, she wiped my face with a damp cloth, put a thin cloth-like thing and applied the mask on top. She left this stuff to my face for around 20mins.

V- Final Cleansing
Then the clock alarmed as a signal that the allotted time has lapsed and so she did the final cleansing. She uncovered my face and removed the mask completely .

What can you say? So it's time for some wacky poses.
 Seeing any difference?
 Photo taken right after the procedure.

Dare to compare from the first one.

I just love the thought of first time experiencing a beauty regime most women do though it hurts.

Will try more next time.Thanks folks!

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Lucia ♥ said...

This looks interesting :) I have never tried anything like this before so many I should think about it ;) Hope you had fun and felt like a princess <3

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