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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Graduation Pictures

I hope I am not yet late for this weeks sharing of precious and unforgettable moments through pictures.

These photos were taken nine years back. Obviously these are graduation pictures. But there's this one very significant point I would like to share about it. During the day this photo was taken is also the day when my eyebrows were shaved for the first time. I almost got mad on the make-up artist but she told that if I want to look better on my picture then that should really be done. Now, I have to make sure my eyebrows are always in shape.

This is my share for this weeks:

Friday Photo Flashback

Thursday, March 3, 2011

GT: I Once Hate the Song

I would assume some of you just love the song "Love Moves In Mysterious Ways" while I once hated it. Before, hearing just the introduction of the music makes me feel so annoyed.

It's because of an ex-boyfriend who sang it for me over the phone three days before our break up. While he was singing it to me, I felt just how romantic he was. That is without me knowing that the song was not really dedicated to me but for somebody else. I began to realize that after three days had past.
Love moves in mysterious ways, it's always so surprising how love appears over the horizon - so mysterious and really surprising that it vanished instead at the least time expected.
And that is now just a history. I'm trying to learn to love the song again. I am no longer affected and I have accepted the fact that it is not us whom are destined to live together for the rest our days.

Tears of Joy - God is Good All the Time

Can't stop my tears to fall, I can't explain how I really feel about the blessings God has given today.  There's early morning good news for me and my boss. Just last night when we were praying for us to win in our bet for the PBA ending of 4-0, Boss has planned to where and to whom he's going to spend the winnings just in case-all in good intentions (for mommy, for baby girl, for a friend in need). As we embraced each other we put our trust in the Lord as we really have no other resources as of the moment.
I was trying to remember yesterday all those delicious food that we have eaten together when we were starting, I told him I miss the spicy chicken wings in a restaurant, I miss the twisted fries in a stall in the mall, I miss a lot but we have no penny to spend for such cravings.
When I reached office just a few minutes back, Boss called and told me that God has answered our prayer. It is such a joy for us, not just because of the money but for the sense of relief it could give knowing that we will be able to help people more than ourselves.
I am writing this post to proclaim the goodness of the Lord despite us being a sinner. He knows exactly our purpose. He knows our intention. He answers our prayer because we deserve it.
This is not a testimony that God allows gambling, it is just an evidence of grace - just pray with a pure heart.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Always and Never

How ironic life really can be at times. I usually come first in every month end closing activities. From gathering of reports, preparation of Journal vouchers, uploading of entries to two systems, posting those entries and even up to printing the vouchers. I don't know what happened this time. I may not be late but I believe it is obviously later than the usual. Considering that my tasks have been reduced somehow.

Is it because of my absenteeism lately? Well, most probably.

I am cramming this time but I am confident I can still finish all of these perfectly on time. Aja!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Annulment on Sale

I am not a married woman; I have not been married not even once. Why? Because in as much as I want to see forever with my man, I cannot discount the fact that it is but possible for a relationship to fail. When it does, how would I avail for a remedy? Annulment is the only one and best solution to end up a broken marriage but not all couples has the capability to benefit from it; basically because it is too expensive here in the Philippines. Only those with enough financial capability can take advantage of the said solution.

I guess it is but fair to make it affordable for the non-wealthy citizen. It may somehow denote annulment on sale but I believe it can make a big difference for more.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

GT: What We’re Willing to Do

I must admit that we are but into a complicated situation right now. While we enjoy each other's company, while we love to be together is at the same load that we have to protect ourselves.

We are into "against all odds" drama. We are aware on how hard it is to go in contrast with the usual flow of life yet that's the thing that gives us much of a challenge. We want to prove the world how we aspire to be on the right track. We do not intend to hurt anyone along the process. We initiate no harm.

As of the moment, we act more like friends almost similar to how we started as required by the situation; enough that we both know how much we love each other.

We both are willing to wait, even if it takes a lifetime. We are constantly praying for our relationship to remain at peace and harmony bonded by trust and affection that we have for each other.


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I am Going to Be a CAT

It's been nine years since I graduated from college with a degree of Bachelor of Science in Accountancy.  I have taken review studies twice, attempted taking the CPA board examination once yet I failed.

After fourteen straight years of studying, I miss to be in school. I miss the life of being a student. I have attended a lot of training and seminars before; most of them were subsidized by my previous employers while others were merely invitation of some related institutions.

This coming March 2011, I am bound to take another external training provided my current employer. It is a certification course I must take with seriousness as it has a test at the end of the program.

It is the Certified Accounting Technician - Level 1 which focuses on Bookkeeping to be conducted by the National Institute of Accounting Technicians.




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