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Monday, August 30, 2010

Making Sports as a Career

Yes, I have added sports as part of my career since my grade school days. And now I am giving it a little boost. I have to do it in a more serious way as I have to compete- maybe not that serious competition but something more like official. Just last Friday, we went out to scout for a badminton outfit and I am glad that we did not fail. I was able to get a bottom piece for a change. A change indeed as it was a skirt. This will be the first time for me to wear such. I usually come to a badminton court in either jogging pants or shorts. 

I just hope this will help as I was told that it can give a more comfy feeling while playing the game. I am just so excited about it.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

GT: Movie for An Enemy

I guess I was forced to become a movie enthusiast on this month's GT. Honestly, I do not watch movies that frequent. My friends are actually making fun of me every time we get inside a movie house as I am expected to fall asleep no matter how good a film is.
I preferred to be on the positive side of a story for this week's theme and has picked something which portrays a good outcome between enemies.
I typed on google the phrase "movie about reconciliation" and was directed to:
As usual I have not seen this movie, I believe this has not been shown yet. It may not necessarily  illustrate a scenario between enemies but it stresses the importance of forgiveness, accepting our responsibility for the mistakes we have made and the pain those mistakes have caused others.
No matter how painful the things that we have gone through it would still be best for us to open our hearts and be more than willing to forgive anybody who hurt us. 
You will encounter more movie recommendations as you click on the badge below:

Tuesday, August 24, 2010



Last night we had our first volleyball practice for our sport fest. This is my first time again playing this game after three (3) years of rest. Brought about by too much excitement, I played a lot. I had fun playing especially when we were on scoring betting for a can of soft drink. My team was lost in the first set but we had our revenge on the next. I enjoyed the game without even noticing that my arms were really in pain. When I get home they were already swollen and now they had bruises.

my right arm - with bruises not obvious... hehe!
Our next game was scheduled on Saturday, hope I will no longer feel its pain and expect that I will not get to this point again.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

PBW: Amicah's Birthday

Amicah is the daughter of my friend's (Beth) sister (Ate Mae). We have witnessed almost every important occasions of Ate Mae and Kuya Jeff's life. 

From Ate Mae and Kuya Jeff's wedding,

bridesmaids @ Tagaytay Highlands
 when Amicah came out and on her baptism,
Amicah's Christening
and yesterday as it was Amicah's first birthday:

Yesterday was really a fun-filled day celebrating Mic-mic's first birthday. There were games and prizes, clowns with their balloon and magic tricks, dancing Susie spaghetti (the mascot) and of course Shakey's food served before us.

We just missed a person here, and it was dhang. It was the first time she wasn't able to join us as she is now based in Dubai.

Hope we can get together as soon as she comes back.



Saturday, August 21, 2010

BadmintonTeam Tag - Fartners

August 17 when we (Isay and Me) registered to join the badminton women doubles event for our upcoming sports fest. The following day we had our first practice. I am hoping Isay did not make a wrong decision in choosing me as her partner. She was one of the defending champions in the past. I don't want her to be put to shame; with that I should do my best.

In a game, there is always a winning party in the end. But according to my partner, though "to win" is our priority still "to enjoy" is our secondary objective. While we have to play the game so seriously, we should accept the fact the we are not perfect in any sense. What is important is that we have exerted our best effort to compete. If we lose it then it is basically part of the game but if we make it to the top then that is simply the sweetest thing about a battle. However, we should always be positive in our outlook and must maintain within us the virtue of a healthy competition, keep within ourselves the etiquette of a professional player.

We have already passed the medical clearance portion and we are now looking forward to having enough time to practice as we should still improve our weakness es and strengthen our chemistry as a team.

Well, all these things I have mentioned are just a background of what I have actually thought of. I was thinking of our team's name and I happened to consider "Fartners" which was derived from our group's name "Tropang Utot". Tropa means group and utot means fart, and since it is just the two of us; we are just partners. Partners with an "f".

Friday, August 20, 2010

Go Green Friday: Coi's Green Costume

This is My Prince ---> Macoi wearing his green Robin Hood costume I bought last November 2009 for his treat or trick activity.

I will never forget that instance as we came in late in the afternoon to the mall as there was a typhoon that struck our area during the morning.

But at least he was able to enjoy. Better late than never.

FPFB: Tropang Hadhad

top-bottom, left-right: PR, Vera, Melai, Myself, Che and Aish,Fe, Vil, Badz, Pot and Karl, Ronnie (Jhong not here)
This picture was taken last summer in year 2006. Prior to going home from a beach in Batangas. Miss you guys.

Friday Photo Flashback

Thursday, August 19, 2010

GT: Movie for Siblings

I have not really watched this flick but this is something I thought worth for sisters. I grew up without a sister beside me as I cannot withheld the fact that I was a product of a broken family. I have two (2) sisters from my father's side and one (1) from my mother's.Of course, we do have a lot of differences. Before, there are times that I envy them feeling like they took my parents away from me. But now that I am grown up woman  and a parent already, I guess I have nothing to envy at all.

Sisters can really be friends and rivals too. On the other hand, my friends are whom I have considered my sisters for a long time now. I even sometimes utter that I cannot live without them. We became rivals at times but we take things as a joke.

I remember back in college, we have this list of crushes but the funny thing is it turned out to be a "one for all- all for one" set-up. Anyways, those are for the purpose of infatuation only. Obviously, we can no longer do it to their husbands this time.

This will be my entry for this week's GT. 

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Disclosure Policy

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This blog does contain content which might present a conflict of interest. This content may not always be identified.

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Back to Book

When I was cleaning our sleeping area during the last weekend, I happened to get through my mini library. My attention then was caught by a book which was a gift for me.

It was given by my ex-boss and friend in the past New Year. I therefore realized that I am not yet done reading it and so I took it from there, put it on my table and brought it to office this morning.

Prior to going home after work, I read some of its pages which had really made me laugh.

Bo is indeed one of the best writers I have ever known. He is even good in preaching and all. I promise to read it within the week despite my busy blogging schedule as some of my office mates are waiting to have it borrowed from me.

By the way, my ex-boss has her blog as well. So please find time to visit here at Meowl: All in A Cat's Life.

This will be my share for:

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

FMBT: 17.August.2010

It's another Follow Me Back Tuesday and I'm happy to join here again.


Hope you can follow my sites. Just leave your comment and I'll follow you back.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Green in Me

I simply love green. It's my favorite color. Any shade of green will do - apple green, moss green, military green, mint green, neon green, light green and so on and so forth. It's the same way as I love nature. Just last night I have done a sort of make-over to my blog's design. Have you noticed it? Maybe not that much, as the color hasn't change from green to green still.

The only thing that made me more like it is the personally chosen color combination of greens. Hehe! And the background with which symbolizes myself - leaf.

I really cannot explain further why I love this color. It's just that for me green is pleasing to the eye and it makes me feel calm.

I preferred green as well to some of my personal belongings except for my dresses which I only have a few as I feel like it doesn't blend well to my skin's complexion.

But anyways I just love green. I can even ride on green jokes sometimes - that's the green minded me.

And I never though a Meme like this exist, and so I joined for the first time...

Sunday, August 15, 2010

A Weekend That's Tiring But Fulfilling

I have never been out for several weekends now. I think the last time was when I participated in our company outing last July 24 of this year.

Consequently, during weekends I am a full time mom, a house keeper in that sense. This weekend is just another tiring but fulfilling Saturday and Sunday.

I was able to do the laundry, did the pedicure for myself, glued my sandals, cleansed our silver accessories, took Macoi to the barber shop and had some sort of clean-up and rearrangement of some things in our home.

There was no major changes actually, except that we already placed our personal refrigerator up in our sleeping area - a space in our kitchen was vacated.

Our bed is my favorite spot at home and it feels so good to see things arranged in a manner simply fine where you can relax and spend even a few time of rest.

On the other hand, I guess the process of cleaning had worsen my condition. My colds gone really bad which might be due to inhalation of dusts.

Hope to feel well tomorrow as we have a badminton schedule with office mates.


Saturday, August 14, 2010

Friday the 13th Ignored

Last night was just another gimmick night for some. But since it fell on the 13th day of the month others preferred to stay at home.

According to some beliefs, Friday the 13th is a day of bad luck and misfortune while there are people who prove it to be on the opposite - they say that its a lucky day instead. If you're going to ask me, I abstain. It depends upon my self intuition.

Tropang Utot still went out in spite of but I didn't join them. Not as it is a Friday the 13th but because Macoi was sick and I was also not feeling well and was not in the mood yesterday. In short, I missed the fun.

To reward myself even at home, I just satisfied my cravings for:
Though I miss my friends and our Friday night sharing, I just enjoyed the moment eating this snack while my mind's at peace in personally taking care of Coi.

Mini Momi Mhe-Anne on Friday Flashback

Mini Momi Mhe-Anne
This is my last baby picture alone in my possession. I guess this was taken when I was 2 year old. Looks like a boy right? More look like my son Macoi. =)

This will be my entry for:

Friday Photo Flashback

My first time here.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

What to Wear on Fridays???

For the past few days of being offline I thought I have a lot to be written and  now I wonder why I ran out of topics.

For the reason that tomorrow is a Friday and wash day for us. I decided to write on choosing what to wear in days like this.

For employees who need to be in uniforms regularly, Friday is the only chance for them to show their "fashionista" (people with passion for fashion) images. They tend to dress up more like a movie or TV actors and actresses as how we usually tease our friends.

Well, it is basically alright to wear something of your best pick but make sure not to exaggerate your looks. Try not to be perceived as an attention-seeker. Do not overstress yourself to caught people's attention. There are only two (2) outcomes about it, either you will be praised with respect or you will be the icon of embarrassment.

Show off the real you in the simplest term. Anyway, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, if you are beautiful inside and out you need not be dressed like a queen or king to be noticed.

Put on something you can pleasantly carry with comfort and ease. And above all, do not divert from the dress code that your company implements. Though on your casual look, strive still to be professional in your thoughts, words and deeds.

photo from the internet

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

CC: I like It While He Doesn't

This is actually my first time to join Couples Corner. I hope I can share something about this week's theme.

old pic
Ronnie and I are of extreme personalities. 
I am the outgoing type while he's a home buddy.
I love sports; he knows little about  it.
He's the silent type and I am the talkative.
He's kind and I don't claim to be one.

uhmm... what else? There are actually a lot of differences between us and I am just hoping that we keep on settling and accepting these dissimilarities. At any rate, just like the common adage says "opposite attracts".

Rodliz’s Nest

My Four Blogs

Nearest Starbucks in CEPZA

not a good pose for me, i was trying to remove the foreign matter lodged in between my teeth (in short "tinga")
I have not tasted again an SB coffee for quite some time now, since I have migrated to my new work place in the province of Cavite. That is more or less five (5) months already.

Thanks to Madam Jackie for the opportunity she has offered. I really enjoyed it more than ever as it was free. Hehe!

This took place last Friday, August 07, 2010. It was actually an unplanned getaway. During the same day we just decided to go to Tagaytay for a "Bulalo" (bone-marrow) dinner. Seven (7) of us went there, with one (1) missing - Dante.

Our first stop was in GreenATS Bulalohan, there we had two (2) big bowls of  Special Bulalo Soup and a plate of Spicy "Sisig"(marinated, boiled, grilled and fried pig face) matched with rice. We stayed there for an hour or so after which we went straight to Robinson's Tagaytay for the SB treat.

Yes, Starbucks Tagaytay is the nearest SB coffee shop in Cavite Export Processing Zone Authority (CEPZA).  

from left to right: Isay, Usyo, Cel and Madam Jackie  

me and xye... where's metz???
We were the noisiest customers then as we filled the shop with fun and laughter.

Movie for Dadi

I was thinking of a film to recommend, I googled about it and my attention was caught by this:
Just another Drew Barrymore movie - Going the Distance. What's exciting about it is that it's about a long-distance romance. What a coincidence! It might bear different lines of story but I am somehow in a situation alike having a distant relationship with my fiance in UAE. So I would probably end up recommending this for him to watch. Coming soon dadi. Hope this will be shown in there. =)

And this is my entry for this week's GT, click on the badge below for more movie suggestions.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Back to Life

Well, let me just call this thing life, and I am now back to it. After ten (10) crazy days of waiting for my internet to be fixed, I am now back to blogging again. Though I missed a lot of fun which had made me a bit frustrated about it, I am now feeling some sort of responsibility.

I feel obliged, obliged to update my sites. Write about a lot of things that happened in the past few days and sharing my thoughts to my friends out there.

I really felt the need for an internet most especially when I received some opps while I was offline. I just can't really let those opportunities to pass. Thanks Niko for your help. Now it's my turn to uplift and promote my other half, the other piece of my life - blogging.

Damn IC


I've been out of the blogosphere for more than a week now, and it is so damn frustrating.


I hate it. I hate how they disregard my complaint.


I hate how they ignore my connection trouble.


I really wonder how they attend to my disputes and I don't know how they afford to post promises of fixing it the soonest while it didn't happen.


I am now thinking of just letting this situation while I apply to another network to provide me a new internet service.


I won't pay for anything, even if they told me that I have subscribed with locked-in period.


They can't compel me on this as they weren't able to deliver the service that they oughta give.


I hate Globe WIMAX!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Movie for a Friend

Oh wow! I might have a hard time sharing something about movie coz I am not a movie goer and I don't have that extra long memory to remember everything I have watched. I would probably end up telling you what was the last movie I saw with a friend.
It was the "Paranormal Activity" which I watched with Dhang. This is something I won't recommend unless you really love thrilling suspense type of a film.
I almost vomit because I was very much frightened by this movie.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Warts Removal through Cauterization

Warts Removal through Cauterization


After I gave birth to my son Macoi, I have noticed a lot of changes on my skin. One of those is the warts which became visible from my face, neck and nape. I even have more at my chest area. I was told that this is due to the hormonal changes brought about my pregnancy.

Based on Wikipedia, a wart (also known as a verruca when occurring on the sole of the foot or on toes) is generally a small, rough tumor, typically on hands and feet but often other locations, that can resemble a cauliflower or a solid blister. Warts are common, and are caused by a viral infection, specifically by the human papillomavirus (HPV)[1] and are contagious by contact with the skin of an infected person. It is also possible to get warts from using hand towels or other objects used by an infected person. They typically disappear after a few months but can last for years and can recur.

Mine was the type of verucca vulgaris which is the most common type of warts. I am just so thankful that our company availed of a health card which covers even the removal of such. Last Saturday night, I took advantage of the opportunity. I was supposed to go to SM just as to but Coi's milk but when I get there I have decided to visit WellPoint. I have waited for more than an hour as I was 6th on the list but when the doctor checked on me after we obtain the charging approval, the procedure was done.

The warts were removed by means of cauterization; each wart was applied with topical anesthesia then pricked by a burning tip of an electric device. Right now I am in my third day, waiting the tiny wounds left by those warts to be healed.




I was off from net for four (4) days now due to network problem. With that I already missed a lot of things.


I missed to blog hop which has deprived me to earn traffic for my sites.


I missed to write articles to update my sites which are also equitable to losing a chance to receive more opps.


I missed a lot of things as well as I missed the fun.


Hope I can get back to it soon.


Globe, please fix the WIMAX problem in next to no time. L




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