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Saturday, August 21, 2010

BadmintonTeam Tag - Fartners

August 17 when we (Isay and Me) registered to join the badminton women doubles event for our upcoming sports fest. The following day we had our first practice. I am hoping Isay did not make a wrong decision in choosing me as her partner. She was one of the defending champions in the past. I don't want her to be put to shame; with that I should do my best.

In a game, there is always a winning party in the end. But according to my partner, though "to win" is our priority still "to enjoy" is our secondary objective. While we have to play the game so seriously, we should accept the fact the we are not perfect in any sense. What is important is that we have exerted our best effort to compete. If we lose it then it is basically part of the game but if we make it to the top then that is simply the sweetest thing about a battle. However, we should always be positive in our outlook and must maintain within us the virtue of a healthy competition, keep within ourselves the etiquette of a professional player.

We have already passed the medical clearance portion and we are now looking forward to having enough time to practice as we should still improve our weakness es and strengthen our chemistry as a team.

Well, all these things I have mentioned are just a background of what I have actually thought of. I was thinking of our team's name and I happened to consider "Fartners" which was derived from our group's name "Tropang Utot". Tropa means group and utot means fart, and since it is just the two of us; we are just partners. Partners with an "f".


Ann said...

congrats, hope you do well.

I used to play until I got too old, and too fat, and once I fell. So I don't run too much. Finally I don't play any more.

Though my right hand is very powerful, and when I smash. I do a great one. LOL

Thanks for following. Where are uou?

hahai.ponce said...

I do play the game, joined a few friendly games during the NGO sportsfest. But haven't joined really serious competition.

Good luck on your game!

kim said...

wow! good for you.. i've always wanted to engage in sports, but i think it's not for me.. goodluck!

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