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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

GT: Movie for An Enemy

I guess I was forced to become a movie enthusiast on this month's GT. Honestly, I do not watch movies that frequent. My friends are actually making fun of me every time we get inside a movie house as I am expected to fall asleep no matter how good a film is.
I preferred to be on the positive side of a story for this week's theme and has picked something which portrays a good outcome between enemies.
I typed on google the phrase "movie about reconciliation" and was directed to:
As usual I have not seen this movie, I believe this has not been shown yet. It may not necessarily  illustrate a scenario between enemies but it stresses the importance of forgiveness, accepting our responsibility for the mistakes we have made and the pain those mistakes have caused others.
No matter how painful the things that we have gone through it would still be best for us to open our hearts and be more than willing to forgive anybody who hurt us. 
You will encounter more movie recommendations as you click on the badge below:


kha said...

this seems to be a good movie sis.. masearch at madownload nga kung meron na..para laging positive..hahaha! (=
Happy GT

Rossel said...

i agree with you sis. kahit gaano tayo kagalit, as humans we always have those soft spots in our hearts and we are always open for forgiveness.

sheng said...

i think i would love to watch this movie also...maidownload nga din..

zh3en22 said...

never know anything bou his movie, bu sound interesing, although i dont like tearjerker movies... :(

zoan said...

haven't watch this movie too :D bakit kaya? anyway, this is a good movie to watch with your enemy :D

K said...

haven't watched this one as well. but it looks good based on your description ;)


the movie poster seems to be intriguing so i watched it at you gosh, so nice! as in i was almost send to tears..i think i should watch this..thanks for the entry..=)

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