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Sunday, August 15, 2010

A Weekend That's Tiring But Fulfilling

I have never been out for several weekends now. I think the last time was when I participated in our company outing last July 24 of this year.

Consequently, during weekends I am a full time mom, a house keeper in that sense. This weekend is just another tiring but fulfilling Saturday and Sunday.

I was able to do the laundry, did the pedicure for myself, glued my sandals, cleansed our silver accessories, took Macoi to the barber shop and had some sort of clean-up and rearrangement of some things in our home.

There was no major changes actually, except that we already placed our personal refrigerator up in our sleeping area - a space in our kitchen was vacated.

Our bed is my favorite spot at home and it feels so good to see things arranged in a manner simply fine where you can relax and spend even a few time of rest.

On the other hand, I guess the process of cleaning had worsen my condition. My colds gone really bad which might be due to inhalation of dusts.

Hope to feel well tomorrow as we have a badminton schedule with office mates.


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