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Monday, August 16, 2010

Green in Me

I simply love green. It's my favorite color. Any shade of green will do - apple green, moss green, military green, mint green, neon green, light green and so on and so forth. It's the same way as I love nature. Just last night I have done a sort of make-over to my blog's design. Have you noticed it? Maybe not that much, as the color hasn't change from green to green still.

The only thing that made me more like it is the personally chosen color combination of greens. Hehe! And the background with which symbolizes myself - leaf.

I really cannot explain further why I love this color. It's just that for me green is pleasing to the eye and it makes me feel calm.

I preferred green as well to some of my personal belongings except for my dresses which I only have a few as I feel like it doesn't blend well to my skin's complexion.

But anyways I just love green. I can even ride on green jokes sometimes - that's the green minded me.

And I never though a Meme like this exist, and so I joined for the first time...

1 comment:

july_blogizta said...

heLLo there! wOw! I am so glad that someone like you likes the GREEN in things!

Indeed, a meme like this exist! I'm a nature-freak myself so I decided to launch out this meme as a form, one way or another, even in this kind of form, be an advocate to the care of mother nature!

Welcome to the Go Green Friday Family!

Looking forward for more green entries of yours and friendship to be established as well!

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