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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Damn IC


I've been out of the blogosphere for more than a week now, and it is so damn frustrating.


I hate it. I hate how they disregard my complaint.


I hate how they ignore my connection trouble.


I really wonder how they attend to my disputes and I don't know how they afford to post promises of fixing it the soonest while it didn't happen.


I am now thinking of just letting this situation while I apply to another network to provide me a new internet service.


I won't pay for anything, even if they told me that I have subscribed with locked-in period.


They can't compel me on this as they weren't able to deliver the service that they oughta give.


I hate Globe WIMAX!

1 comment:

momikoito said...

I need not do these things anymore... my connection is up already... :D

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