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Thursday, August 12, 2010

What to Wear on Fridays???

For the past few days of being offline I thought I have a lot to be written and  now I wonder why I ran out of topics.

For the reason that tomorrow is a Friday and wash day for us. I decided to write on choosing what to wear in days like this.

For employees who need to be in uniforms regularly, Friday is the only chance for them to show their "fashionista" (people with passion for fashion) images. They tend to dress up more like a movie or TV actors and actresses as how we usually tease our friends.

Well, it is basically alright to wear something of your best pick but make sure not to exaggerate your looks. Try not to be perceived as an attention-seeker. Do not overstress yourself to caught people's attention. There are only two (2) outcomes about it, either you will be praised with respect or you will be the icon of embarrassment.

Show off the real you in the simplest term. Anyway, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, if you are beautiful inside and out you need not be dressed like a queen or king to be noticed.

Put on something you can pleasantly carry with comfort and ease. And above all, do not divert from the dress code that your company implements. Though on your casual look, strive still to be professional in your thoughts, words and deeds.

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1 comment:

Shawie Girl said...

hi there anne!nice blog!u r indeed right, in everything we wear it should reflect the real person deep within!best regards!!

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