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Thursday, March 3, 2011

GT: I Once Hate the Song

I would assume some of you just love the song "Love Moves In Mysterious Ways" while I once hated it. Before, hearing just the introduction of the music makes me feel so annoyed.

It's because of an ex-boyfriend who sang it for me over the phone three days before our break up. While he was singing it to me, I felt just how romantic he was. That is without me knowing that the song was not really dedicated to me but for somebody else. I began to realize that after three days had past.
Love moves in mysterious ways, it's always so surprising how love appears over the horizon - so mysterious and really surprising that it vanished instead at the least time expected.
And that is now just a history. I'm trying to learn to love the song again. I am no longer affected and I have accepted the fact that it is not us whom are destined to live together for the rest our days.


mjrodriguez said...

Memories are such bad things when we attach them to certain things and songs. We become traumatized and we look at the song/thing negatively after the bad memory.

Hope you get through and learn to love that particular song again without thinking of the ex.

Happy GT!

ladyguinevere28 said...

Ohh two of you Got this song pick because of some memories. Too bad, I guess Nina is not in good timing..

kim said...

hmmm.. so that's personal..

Shawie Girl said...

thanks for sharing, we have a fellow sis here at who also hates the song because it reminded her of morning sickness. i love nina's remake of the song and hope you'll learn to appreciate it again after what you went through. happy gt!

K said...

i like that song. and yes, you're right. we associate songs with memories, good or bad. so sometimes we end up hating really good songs because it reminds us of something sad or bad. but hey, it's completely natural :)

sHeNgKaY said...

hahaha..kakabasa ko pa lang ng entry ni mommy AC..she hated this song too..

same tayo ng reason why we it particular music..parang sa akin din..why I hate..or feel bitter if hear the song of Richard Poon..

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