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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Tropang Utot's Friday Night Gala

June 11, 2010 as if an advance Independence Day's celebration of the group. Independence as we were like imprisoned for more than a week that we never went out even once in our lunch breaks due to our busy working schedules.

Finally, we came up to a common interests, common likes to a common destination - to have dinner and play at our fave fun venue.

Six (6) of us went to SM Rosario, at least a nearby place we decided to go to. First stop was for me to shop for an important item while others went straight to a Pizza restaurant to order for our food. We shared for baked pasta and a pizza with hot dog which happened to be Cel's treat. The dinner was really really fun and the food really made us full. Believe it or not the last piece was not even touched and we even had it took out. Who did take it? Who else but me. Nyahaha!

The best part of course is the picture taking, Cel, Isay and Usyo as if in a pizza commercial eating Pizza hut while portraying Greenwich's television ads. Wacky me, xy and dan with shirts at same dark colored shades and eyes of the same sizes.

After a series of teases and laughter, we went up to our play place where we did basketball shooting and car racing games. We were supposed to sing as well in a videoke room but never had the opportunity. The rooms were all reserved. After more or less 30 tokens we ended up sweating. At least it happened to be another sort of exercise for me. Wahehe!

And so we decided to go home as it was already late. When we looked at the glass walls then we found out that it was raining so hard. No choice but to go home really. Haha! There was this plan which did not push through - it's a secret without clue.

Despite the heavy rains we left the mall with our next gathering out set - something to do with pampering activities. With that, thanks guys for sending me home and thanks for the last piece of pizza which you let me take out for Macoi.

Till the next gala.

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