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Friday, June 18, 2010

A Walk With Coi and Cows.

This day is supposed to be my 9th day of jogging. Woke up at 6am but when I went downstairs Macoi has got up already too.


Having no choice I took him with me. We walked to the venue while I was holding his cutie left hand.


Not yet reaching the place he asked me to carry him so I did as he was attacked by hiccup.


As we got there, I told him to get down but he still didn't want to. What I did to encourage him was to bring him close to the group of cows. So he did. He enjoyed the scene and had fun imitating the sound of the said animal.


As if we're having a tour, I brought him to the reclaimed area for the third phase of our subdivision. We walked until we completed walking around the entire vacant space.


Good thing that the sun was already shining so I sweated like I was doing the regular jogging without Macoi. It may not be as much as those days but at least certain calories were burned.


After seeing about more or less 20 cows in the area we decided to go home. On our way home, he asked me to carry him once more and that's until we reached home.


I may not be able to do the usual activity but I did enjoy the bonding moments I had with coi.

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