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Thursday, June 17, 2010

8days of jogging = 3lbs lost

Yeah! You read it right. Believe it or not I've already lost 3lbs within my 8days of jogging, running or walking...

At least there's an improvement. It might be little for now and may not be visible yet but if I will never stop doing this, it will lead me back to my size back then.I'm keeping my fingers crossed on this.

Let me use my computing mind on this. My goal is to get back to my normal BMI (Body Mass Index). Considering my height of 5'4", I should only be weighing 120lbs or approximately 55kgs only. From 153lbs last week, I am now at 150lbs. My conservative assumption is to lose an average of 2lbs per week. Since I am 30lbs overweight, I would be needing 15 more weeks to attain it. Not bad. If I really make jogging a habit by the end of September or early October this year I would be perfectly fit. Wow!  

 See that curve? That's mine. I used to be just like that. And now I am dreaming of having the same body again. Just have to translate this dream into reality.

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