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Friday, June 18, 2010

NBA_Game 7 is making me busy right now!


Glad that I was able to haggle for the submission of docs till next week.


Laughing at myself, it's really comical as we are watching the NBA finals but it's just the score that we're seeing.


Boston led by 4, Lakers tied, Lakers led by 3 points and so we assumed that it was a 3point play by the team.


Funny how we imagine the game as it happens as we don't have the means to see it.



Now our bet is leading by 6 while I was writing it. Haha!


This is my project for today – to blog about NBA's most awaited game 7 between Boston Celtics and L.A. Lakers.



While just wondering what's happening it affects my system – feeling really nervous about it for the Lakers.


And so we won! Bryant contributed the biggest points for Lakers!


Ice cream! Ice cream!


Now we'll claim for it from the boys.






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