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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Mine's not a wallet really...

This is actually my first  time to share with Niko's GT. I'm giving it a pretty try. wink!

I don't use a regular wallet really so I don't have a wallet perfectly defined to be shown.

I just use a coin purse - a sentimental one. Maybe not just for me but also to Niko. Hihi!

It was actually a result of an exchange among Niko, me and beth - one of our college buddies too.

It is a purple pink coin purse now comes with a chain given by my current boss which came from Guam and a key for my office drawer.

What's inside? Obviously coins. The usual and the unusual currency we're using in our office - our meal stubs. 

The colored ones represent the coins for change and the white  ones are worth P50 each. This is part of the employee benefits of our company.

Seeing something other than my coin purse? That's my card holder which regularly comes with it. They are my "buddy stuffs" which can't live without each other. Haha! 

Apparently, you'll see cards in there but never a credit card as I don't possess any. Don't ask me why. I just preferred not to grab one. ;-)

There's nothing complex about my "so-so" wallet(s) but of course these are considered one of my valuables equivalent to a typical wallet.

Remember the purse Niko? I still have it and am using it everyday. Thanks again anyways.


niko said...

bru kelan to?? di ko na maalala huhuhuh

pero familiar sya saken ng sobra.. hala naiiyak na ko... .my memory is getting worst n tlga..


niko said...

yay bru di mo nilagay Girls Talk Badge :) hihihi

lagay mo dali.. now na! asap! bwahhahha

Chris said...

uy, coin purse din! :D sige, exchange links tayo.. by the way, join ka sa on Fridays.. Mommy Moments!

Marice said...

how cute! like that :) im your newest follower!

u may view mine here

tatess said...

pareho tayo walang creditvcard para iwas gastos.coin purse ka rin like chris.sama naman sa exchange links nyo.

♣☆♥Willa♥☆♣ said...

cute coin purse, nice stlye and color :)


charmie said...

wow , cool ang coin purse dah , :)

Genejosh said...

love the color of the coin purse:) me too don't have credit cards but i have lots of membership cards:)

mine's here:

Clarissa said...

Welcome to Girls Talk dear!I love the color of your coin purse,so girly!same here--I don't have credit cards in hand,too^_^

momikoito said...

girls! thanks for the comments! will drop by and follow your sites later tonight as I have to prepare myself for office now... C yah!

LingLing said...

Welcome to Girl's Talk dear ;) Hope you'll have a blast with all of us GT ladies ♥ Love the color of your purse :) So you got it from Niko? How sweet is that??? I also don't have any credit cards so no worries about that ;)

Miranda said...

Welcome to Girls Talk! :D It's a good idea sometimes to have a separate coin purse, kasi nakaka-deform ng wallet ang coins pag marami. Your purse is so cute, by the way.

Sherry said...

so neat, check out mine

gorgeous_MHE said...

Oh!!1 hi Welcome SA Girls Talk....oi girl followed you already..

Nice coin purse huh... and ofcourse the stubs.. I like it.. sana lahat ng pera stubs nalang noh!!!

Happy Girls Talk

Kayce said...

i also love the color of your purse cause it pink! and i love pink! hehehe!

Rossel said...

that's a cute leather purse, sis and i love the way you described it. sarap naman sa company nyo may free food stub.

welcome to GT!

niko said...

hey bru..pls refresh me kung anu story behind that.. kc super iniisip ko di ko n tlga maalala huhuhu

bdw, next Thursday will be my last stint as the host of Girls Talk, I shall see you with your post on what’s inside your bag.. can’t wait to see your fab bag actually.. =)

please stay tuned for the revelation on who will be the new host and the new home of GT starting july.. but I still will be joining GT so I shall not miss your post!

Thanks for joining and for all your support at GT. Happy weekend girl!

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