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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Repost from FB_APC-Finance Outing Part 2

As promised... I should write some things about the outing tonight... as picked from comments and moments remembered this day...

As expected, everybody was excited to see more pictures taken during the outing... the pool, the plants-the well-landscaped place, and of course the peeps who were there - their poses, the smiles, the wacky pics and some stolen shots...

Particularly, Usyo with his butt forward, Metz covering his top exposing something in the bottom, the captured tequila shot of Tito Dodi, the photogenic smiles of Cel, the as if oblation pose of Theodie, the unbalanced leggings of Isay, sexy poses of flawless Xyra, the half body ID pic of Mam Mhie (peace... accdg to Tita Mariz.... hehe!), the hippo me and everybody who were so obviously addicted to picture taking... nyahaha!

But the additional spice of the happening were the punchlines such as "shitchirya", "loko to ah", "badtrip tong mga to", "parang tanga to", "lasing kaba", "pinagttripan ako ng mga to"... Who uttered these words? Secret! these should be left to those who stayed till the end... Hihi!

Well... as people deserve some respect this post is not yet done unless everything has been settled between or among... till next note guys...

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