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Sunday, June 27, 2010

A Search for Wedding Reception Venue

Yesterday, June 25, 2010 when we started to look for our prospective wedding venue. We actually have five (5) venues to choose from, all just within Cavite Area .

Our first stop, Leslie's Restaurant at CEPZA Diversion Road, Noveleta Cavite. I love its ambiance. With green fields around as if overlooking New Zealand with cows in farm. But I still have to think about the price and have it compared among the others. But I'm pretty sure that the event would be worth remembering even more. I have personally taken photos of the place so I can go back to how it looks like.

 View from couple's table.

<-- ladies' rest room

                              men's comfort room-->

top view
my friends posing
I have to give recognition to the Sales person who accommodated us eagerly with free iced tea. Thanks.

Next in line, Portico De Cecilia located at Epza Diversion Road, Magdalo Kawit Cavite. The Garden set-up is also nice to consider. With price a bit higher than Leslie's, it was so unfortunate that we weren't entertained the way we wanted it to be as there was an on-going event during that night. Nevertheless, we were at least able to exchange contact numbers for the purpose of my personal wedding and for our business ventures as well. And one more thing to note about it was that the date I have initially set was already taken as confirmed in the exact time I would wanna hold the reception.
 After the garden set-up we went to Josephine's Restaurant where they usually handle occasions in an indoor setting though they do have the options to have it arranged in  a garden outside.Well, Josephine is already known for its food but we never had the chance to personally see the samples of what they offer such as the decorations and all. Considering the price it is lower compared to the first two and they even have the options of having a sit down menu instead of just the usual buffet services.

We roamed around the place and we even tried going to the Water Camp as we are trying to organize a swimming with our classmates. Unfortunately, they don't accept over night swimming. 

Then we planned to go to Cherry's Pavillion for our next ocular. On our way there, we were able to stop at my ex-boss' place and I was surprised to see that he has already established a new business just beside his house. Thanks to him as we even had fish balls and halo-halo for free. Subsequently, we went to our target and found out that nobody's there to answer our inquiries about wedding reception since it's already late. We just seen a brochure which we cannot take home and saw that the price is the lowest among the four but of course the place itself cannot surpass the environment of the first three venues.

With the assumption that our next destination operates 24/7, we have decided to proceed to Island Cove which we can tag as the most prominent of them all. Unluckily, no Sales person were there to explain things according to our purpose so we never had any idea of what would be the financial implication of the venue they would offer.  

So we went home already somehow dissatisfied since we were not able to complete them all.

Upon reaching home, I immediately surf on Island Cove's website and asked from their on-line  inquiry engine if they can send quotations for wedding packages. Lately when I discovered that they already did. Taking a peek on their packages I found out that their basic package is even lower than that of Leslie's and Portico de Cecilia. However, I can't totally say more things about so I have to compare them all in detail. Will share with you the outcome of the comparison next time.


charmie said...

I love the water camp!

charmie said...

Looking for a venue is really hard.. You have to consider the food , the ambiance and the price hahaha!!!! Yong mamahaling venue sometimes di maganda ang food nila.. I really have a hard time choosing the right venue.

momikoito said...

korek! some of my friends were saying na when it comes to food Josephine's pa rin ang best among the 5 choices...

Lucia ♥ said...

This won't be an easy decision for sure. Good luck with everything! I love the water camp, just as Charmie does ;)

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