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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

This Time I've Had Enough

From enough of time to complete my tasks at home last weekend. This time Ive had enough of:


They say that you must spend at least 8 hours to have enough quantity of sleep and I think I had it last night as I got into bed around 11pm and woke up by 7am. And it feels just right. But sometimes it's not just the quantity that counts but the quality as well. Though I had a headache which brought me to sleep earlier, I had my whole sleeping tired uninterrupted as Macoi was not beside me. I am not saying that I am happy about it though. Yet I am thankful that I had the chance to do so while knowing that Macoi has slept better in his place last night. It was some kinda humid in our sleeping area. In this case, I guess it's synonymous that I had enough of rest even though I almost came in late for work - like last two minutes and the bell will ring.


That enough of rest I had led me to some sort of a little direction to work on my tasks at office. Despite the fact that I was in a RUSHian and URGENTinian mode. I was able to make it to finally submit some special project documents needed for a certain application. I just wish that those papers were accepted and validated. Anyway, it's my first time and there's always a first time from which we can learn from.


I have been exerting effort to achieve a normal BMI and so I do some sort of jogging, walking, running, jumping almost every morning. And since I've cited that I got up at 7am today so I never had the time to do it which I really intended. It is because I knew and I have prepared myself to go to badminton tonight. And it happened. It's the kind of game I want where I sweat a lot. I had to change shirt after the first game because you can really squeeze it and have a bottle of water which came out from my body. It is indeed the kind of exercise I am craving. Enough for me to burn fats and calories - a greater chance for me to reduce weight.

Not to mention that I also did play a little of table tennis during our lunch break. It is undeniably enough of work out.

Hope next time I would have enough time to blog as well. Feeling sleepy now. Just would like to share some pics taken when I was actively playing and joining Badminton tournaments with my ex-officemates way way back. :)

                                            - the entire team before the games begin-

- in action with Sir Kiko -

                                                                                           - playing double's wit Sir Kenneth-

                                               -won with Medals-

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