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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Jogging Day 5 & 6...

Since I wasn't able to write last night here's an update on my personal WRP. Though attacked by laziness, I conquered it. Got up a little later than the usual, these two days are pretty much the same. I did the run starting 6am up to 630am only and did it both without wearing a pair of rubber shoes. Why? Because the lazy me let somebody had my feet a pedicure so my left hallux (whatta term??? - big toe) was murdered in some sort. 

The only difference is that yesterday I jogged alone without my constant companion Tita Alma and this morning she was late more than I am. Hihi!

Well, at least I am really catching up everyday to sustain the activity - except for weekends. :D

Hope I can be this slim... =(

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