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Sunday, June 27, 2010

FiSS Blessing And Inauguration

June 24 is not just Macoi's bday, not just Saint John's feast but also a day to remember for APC by Schneider Electric as the new Finance Shared Services (FiSS) Office was blessed and inaugurated. 

This is one of the reasons why I didn't skip for work and had the celebration of Macoi's birthday done on Friday instead. Aside from the consideration of making the day more enjoyable for my expected visitors -  my office mates and college friends.

The event was attended by the entire Local Finance Team along with some of other Department's officers and management team, few third party guests and the Respectable Philip Woodburn who's the main man of the occasion.

We were directed to come in formal business attire and so we did. The program started with the acknowledgment of the presence of guest and visitors and next to it was the Prayer blessing by the Priest from the Main door till the green ribbon was cut. With few candles lit the sanctification with the holy water for the entire office area immediately followed. The throwing of coins was also done to complete the blessing tradition from where I was able to catch 9pcs of P5 coins (obviously a total of P45).  After that a speech from Miss Myrna Asistores was delivered and subsequently from Philip Woodburn.

 Next to it was the most awaited part. Eating Time with food in buffet set-up -- pancit, baked macaroni, empanada, fresh lumpia, chicken lollipop and fruits and tiny muffin for the dessert. Yummy was the Pritchon  (Pritong Lechon from Pritchon Corporation)which some of us have tasted for the first time matched with cold soft drinks in can. This was uniquely served chopped and wrapped with fita bread topped with a sauce of your choice (can't recall the varieties though). 

Catering courtesy of Doyet's Canteen

We had fun eating really as always. Of course an event couldn't get any better without the picture taking. One of my favorites as well.
Isn't it obvious??? But I won't claim to be obsessed maybe just a picture addict.

some of Finance's boys and girls

Below are few IT men captured in the scene and me, xy and metz dealing with the plate.

I don't know how Paolo did the shot to appear like this

But the best of all photo is the "wacky" moment - my trademark replicated by the group smiling with their tongue out and a peace sign.
And so I shouted "wacky" this time and will do it over and over again.


Lucia ♥ said...

Throwing of coins? That is something new to me :) How exactly does that work? :) Looks you had a lot of fun at the event ;)

momikoito said...

Well, that's part of almost all catholic blessing tradition here based on my observation... i don't know if this is also practiced by other religious groups...

the host usually prepare coins to be thrown as according to them that symbolizes good luck... for easy inflow of money... those who were able to catch or pick the coins do not spend them... they just keep them for the same reason...

Lucia ♥ said...

I see :) Thank you for explaining it to me ;) It's a nice tradition I would say <3

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