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Friday, June 11, 2010

Jogging Day 4... done with music to my ears...

Just like yesterday 5:45am when I get up from bed. I was awaken by a tap from my aunt who asked if I'm going to go for a jogging. Without hesitation, I silently went down so as not to disturb my sleeping prince - Macoi, as I did not intend to take him along.

What made this day different is that I brought with me my iPhone and jogged with music to my ears. It drives me more and even made me more energetic.  I noticed that I sweated a lot this time than in my previous days. From now on, I'll be bringing this stuff with me.

After thirty (30) minutes, my aunt and Macoi joined me. Fifteen (15) minutes passed and we're done.

While I was jogging  with sun starting to shine, I saw my shadow in front of me as if asking me to follow then I just told myself wishing that in the next days I'll be seeing a slimmer shadow of mine... I ain't crazy, just daydreaming in some sort...  =) 


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