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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Acting as a Housewife Today...

Every time I have the chance, I do love cleaning, doing some sort of a little home make-over, rearranging stuffs and being kinda creative in some ways. It's giving me a sense of fulfillment seeing the outcome of what I've done after wards.

And so now, I am trying to portray the real role of a housewife. Seldom that I do this coz I'm always out of the house during weekends and I really miss doing things like these.

My list of tasks for today:

1) Clean-up our so called room
2) Arrange my files
3) Sort-out anything in my closet
4) Wash our clothes
5) Take Coi for his Anti-H1N1 vaccine (I had mine yesterday)
6) Do grocery shopping in preparation for Coi's 2nd birthday
7) Have bonding moments with Coi

Hope I can do all these things while also doing tweets and blogs. Nyahaha!

Imagine me as a multi-tasking mother.

1 comment:

tatess said...

you can do it. sis yung top commentator widget mo erase mo lang itong para lumabas yung result mo

itong date na lang ilagay 06-01-2010
at 06-31-2010 or 12-31-2010 depende sa iyo

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