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Friday, June 11, 2010

Jogging - Day 3

I almost forgot. I should write about my personal WRP (Weight Reduction Program) - Jogging. I am now in my 3rd day and counting.

Since I lack sleep the other night I almost can't get up this morning aside from the fact that my iPhone was battery empty so it didn't rang an alarm...

5:45am I rose from my bed wore my running shoes and immediately proceeded to our jogging venue. Glad that I still had enough time to run and discharge sweat from my huge body. 6:30am and it's done. Planning for the next day - 4th day.

Hope it won't rain every morning so there wouldn't be any reason for me not to do it again and again...

Oh well, I should be consistently doing it really coz dadi bought me a pair of shoes which I can use for jogging...

Thanks again dadi and also to Dhang. Nice pick!

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