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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Advanced Knowledge in MS Excel an Advantage

Knowledge in computer has been a basic requirement for most office work post but having an advanced skill in MS Office applications is a great advantage.

 I remember when I was applying for my first job. I was some kind of nervous during that time basically because I was not yet confidence about the learning I have gained about computers. Come to think of it, I actually didn’t get enough of it from school. Admittedly, we were in 2:1 ratio back in college – two (2) students in one (1) computer or even worse. However, I am not blaming my Alma Mater (I am proud to be former Iska). I believe learning comes from personal determination.

Since I am still greatly fascinated in computers as I was a frustrated IT, my interests for it never fades. Therefore, when I was finally hired by my first employer I was so excited to possess my own computer at office which I can set-up my preferred desktop background and all.

Other than that I was really eager to work on MS applications particularly o Excel on how the stuff can help to simplify office works. And so with the day to day experience I learned a lot, be it a something taught by my boss who is a superior Excel user or brought about my own discovery.

I love to explore as long as “Ctrl Z” is activated. Hehe! Kidding aside, it is because I believe that most of the things you want to do about your Excel report can be done. You just have to know how to do it. I never had a professional training on Excel but I can now consider myself an above-average or an advanced user of it. I can even now teach colleagues on how to use some of the functions and other commands on the application. Furthermore, I have already become a keyboard user, which for me is even faster that by clicking a mouse as you need not regularly shift your hands and fingers from one point to another.

I know some more advanced training can still make a difference but every time I encounter problems and all in this regard I just make use of the question mark tool – the help utility which aids to resolve troubles that come across. From what I have read the last few days, the latest version of MS Office is now available - the MS 2010 which acts as a successor of MS 2007. I am somehow comfortable at MS 2003 but I know the latest version has features which have really improved the functionality of the old ones. It is just a matter of further familiarity.


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