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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Lost Comments and Top Commentators

I just have moved to my new domain. Thanks to Niko for the sponsor and to Pehpot for the effort of transferring my Just For A Thought posts from blogspot to .com. 

I love the shorter way of getting to my main site but lately when I have discovered that some of older comments were lost. I don't know if it was brought about by the recent blogger errors. However, it was so surprising that the comments trail was retained as shown in my Valued Commentators widget. And with that I would like to thank my Top 10 commentators:
  1. Lucia ♥ (10)
  2. charmie (6)
  3. niko (5)
  4. Rossel (4)
  5. momikoito (4)
  6. Jesson And Rey Ann (3)
  7. f e R r y j H o i (3)
  8. Kayce (3)
  9. Miranda (3)
  10. Clarissa (3)
Thank you for your time visiting my site and leaving your most valued thoughts. And of course, I will never forget the author of this widget. Thank you so much Kaye.

All of your contributions are very much appreciated.

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