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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Here Comes the Rainy Days

After a long wait, the rain is now pouring. Gone are the sunny days which have brought series of sleepless nights to us (as we do not own air-conditioning unit at home). High temperature has finally gone down. Days of sweating suddenly disappeared. Yes, it is now rainy season in the Philippines. Scattered rain showers, heavy downpours, typhoon and storm visits are somehow anticipated. But I do hope those will not be as strong as “Milenyo” or as deadly as “Ondoy” as these two (2) super typhoons have left a mark in the Philippine history. I wish they will just pass in moderation leaving no harm to the people.

As of now, for the year 2010, we just had two (2) typhoons, the first one almost unfelt and the second one currently approaching named “Basyang”. Just this afternoon, I received an e-mail message from the head of our Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) Committee forwarding a weather forecast that’s the time when I learned about the current typhoon’s name. Good thing our area has been forecasted to experience a Storm Signal No. 1 which means there is not much of an impact expected to be experienced.

While I am aware of the consequences of excessive rains, let me just be excited about sleeping so well feeling the soft breeze that enters through our window as if gently caressing me and Macoi while we rest all throughout the quiet night.

But then again, I am also contemplating on what will happen to our scheduled company outing next weekend. Hope it won’t rain during that day. ;-)


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Lucia ♥ said...

Everyone please be carefull okay? :(

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