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Monday, July 26, 2010

Terrible Experience at Porter Restaurant Bar

This blog does not actually intend to ruin the credibility of this bar but this should serve as an eye-opener for them.

Last Friday night after office, we decided to unwind. We have planned to go out for days already and we were so excited. Excited to have fun, relax and do some personal sharing. Prior to leaving the office, we came up to two choices, either here or there. Hehe! Kidding aside, it could either be Porter House or Q-Point. 

So the four (4) of us left, Usyo, Dante, Xyra and myself. We have chosen to go to Porter House since it will be closer along the way. We just rode on a public utility jeepney, encountered a bit of traffic until we get to Tejero intersection (Gen. Trias) where you can find the place. We were entertained by a bouncer at the entrance area and there we paid P50 entrance fee. Since there was this admission fee we expected a touch of class. We proceeded to the second floor and there we met the things that we have disputed.

We were actually the very first customers of the night. We asked if we can settle at the 3rd floor where nipa huts are situated  but we were not allowed. We had no choice but to occupy the second level. There we tried to choose the best spot but when we were about to take the seats we were told by the waiter "boss that couch is intended for customers with minimum of P1,500.00 order". How come? Do we have to order stuff amounting that much at the very instance? 

Trying to control ourselves, we took the seat the waiter gave us instead. Believe it or not, we were seated as if we were in a PUV sitting side by side. A bit pissed-off we started to place our orders. We were offered with a promo full of limitations. Two buckets of a single variant of beer for a free "pulutan"? What if we like SML and SMSI and SMPP mixed? That can't be. I had no plans of drinking alcoholic beverages that night as I still have colds and slight fever. When I ordered for a pineapple jiuce, it was not available, orange juice, not available as well. A lot of things were not available, so much irritated I drunk the strong ice and finish three of them in a matter of minutes. I also asked my companions to finish everything that they ordered and invited them to get out of that place. I can no longer bear the kind of service they have and I really have no plans of going back there. The service isn't good, the price isn't worth it, the place isn't relaxing. 

So much have been said about the not so good experience at the Porter House we transferred to Q Point right after. There we found the things that we were looking for in contrast to what we've got at our first stop. We relaxed, had fun and stayed at Q Point till midnight. Sharing successful,at least we were able to release some of our emotions. Thanks to Tropang Utot for being such good buddies. Till next time. Hope we will be complete by then.


f e R r y j H o i said...

Naku Mami Anne, taga Trece ka pala!!! hihi.... ako bulihan lang beside GMA.... I never heard that Bar yet pero madalas ako sa trece.. Pero thanks for the info.. at least I know now what should be my choices...

Hugss me to babay Macoi ^.^

Le Chateau des fleurs said...

WOW Sorry it was a bad experience!
You know where not to go next time :)
Following you back :)
Thank you for your sweet visit!

chubskulit said...

Ouch at least now you know not to go there. I love the "Tropang Utot" name hehehe..

hahai.ponce said...

aaww...not too fun for a friday gimmick! at least though you now know where not to go :)

following you

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