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Sunday, July 18, 2010

My Other Blog Site

From the time I was able to discover that I have kept some of my compositions, I tried to recall where have I put the others. I get back to my compilation of my documents from my PC down to the burned CDs I am keeping. Until I get to realized that I have written those articles in Friendster's blog feature.

There I learned that I was blogging since Year 2006. During those times when FS was on its peak. Though active until now FS has been overtaken by Facebook and I was once addicted to both. But now not anymore or maybe not that much. I am into blogging, super and will never stop. My FS blog site was entitled with my personal tag - SURVIVOR MHE-ANNE.

Now I am planning to import all those articles which would probably go to my other site Emotera as those stuff were fully loaded with emotions. Bitterness, I must say. Though I am having second thoughts still as those might not look so relevant to my current site.

Will do that some other time. Also, I should update my newly made site where I haven't written any articles yet. These things I will pursue once I got even a single opps of my own.

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