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Friday, February 18, 2011


I never thought this V Day would become extra special as I usually do not celebrate it regardless if I do or do not have a partner. Believe it or not, I was surprised. It may seem to be the corniest act ever but I did appreciate what my man has done.

He did not go to work that day as he told me he has this intense headache which does not allow him to work. So the tiniest expectation in me has gone totally though I have a plan in mind for the night which I never told him. We seldom send text messages during the day as he spent much time sleeping. He really took sufficient time to rest.

On my way out of the office, I know he'd fetch me as that was what we have agreed. He waited for me outside the building and when I am about to ride on his motorcycle he asked me to scratch his back like he usually does and when I get my hand inside his shirt I had a touch of plastic in it - that's when I get hold of a 3 red roses as his first valentine present. I was surprised indeed.

Then, he invited me to have a dinner with his mom. Not in a cozy restaurant but in a fast food, enough that we celebrate it in the simplest way we can. Prior to going to the venue of our dinner date, he said he'll just go to the men's room. He asked me to exchange bag with him as mine was a bit heavier than his. He requested me to put his jacket inside his bag and when I open it, there I saw a teddy bear. My face was painted with a smile and I was so happy to have received the second unexpected stuff from him.

I do love surprises. I mean I am crazy about unexpected gifts and goodies. I know that we are no longer in grade school for such but it really feels good to be recognized, be given the sweetest attention and be loved.

Right after we had our dinner, we went to a Nail Salon and both availed of pedicure to pamper ourselves.

And this is my share for this week's GT.

I missed the fun of being here for quite some time now and I love to be back after all.








Travel-Junkie said...

unexpected surprises are always lovely, and i can see that your partner is absolutely crazy about you! So sweet!

kim said...

awww... that was so sweet! i think everybody loves surprises!

sHeNgKaY said...

yay! sus i am sure tell now your still kilig sis..hehehe..

happy GT!

Here's mine..
Shengkay’s Journal-GT

mjrodriguez said...

you don't need to be young to appreciated the loving surprises from your man!

Happy GT!

K said...

oh man i love surprises! especially coming from my special someone. and surprise you he did! super sweet, too, with the bear and the roses. awww!!

hey, glad that you're back. i missed seeing you on GT :)

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