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Tuesday, February 17, 2009


A character usually associated in the business world. Some define it to be gained when you have completed a certain doctoral or high-degree academic programs. But for many, one need not finished a degree nor graduate with higher recognition in order to have it. It is just a character a person is expected to have. One may not have it innate in him but it could be developed. It is just a manner a person is expected to behave in a particular set-up and is not limited to office environment.

After graduating from college, I have said to myself, I am now to be named as professional. When I entered the business world from which I initially perceive as the world of professionals, I have realized a lot of things. I can still remember in my previous job, I used to cry at work. Cry over the bulk of tasks which I had to repeat over and over again on one instance.
As what one author have said "professionalism is a discipline". It is not just being uttered, it has to be applied to see the positive results. That's when I learn the virtue. I have learned that you become professional when you are finally able to distinguish an office and a home, when you are able to separate personal matters from office stuffs.
As for now, I can say that it's hard but it promotes self-fulfillment. Not being selfish in a way but having the sense of direction especially when you know that you're on the right track. Regardless of the criticisms and other negative feedbacks that you may hear from others.

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